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What happened to the Picture of the Week in 2015?

In short, Running Wolf Productions began a move to Pennsylvania that stretched out for months while the buyer of the old house and workshop in California dragged their feet. The workshop was shut down and packed up and then was left waiting for the move, which finally happened in 2016.

Ysengrin will be backdating some images, but there will always be a gap in the Picture of the Week images for 2015.

01 Feb 2015

Ysengrin at FC2015

Here's Ysengrin at Further Confusion 2015 in San Jose, California. Convention photo by Dragonscales - thanks, guys!

Location: 37° 19' 46" N, 121° 53' 18" W

25 Jan 2015

Colorful Paws - Done!

Here's those colorful paws for Ysengrin, with the hockey gloves that inspired them. I'm happy with how they turned out, especially with such a short time (four days) to turn them out so they could be worn at Further Confusion.

Location: the workshop

18 Jan 2015

Dalmatian hindpaws

A pair of Dalmatian hindpaws for a client. The spots are cast into the latex.

Location: the workshop

11 Jan 2015

Colorful Paws

A pair of in-progress little beast paws for Ysengrin. The markings were based off of a pair of hockey gloves he owns, and as usual are painted from the outside in -- the pads are already done under the grey palms, and the red markings overlap the smoother edge of the white trim.

Location: the workshop

04 Jan 2015

White and Black Paws

A pair of the little beast paws, white skin with black pads and claws. The client specified which pads were to be black and which were to be left white.

Location: the workshop