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28 Dec 2014

Solstice card 2014

We wanted to share this year's solstice card with everyone. Beast wishes, y'all!

Location: at the holiday feast

21 Dec 2014

Sulley and Ysengrin

Sulley greets Ysengrin just outside of Monsters University. The little Diego plush in several of these photos is a stand-in for someone who loved Disneyland and couldn't make it that trip. Taken in late October, 2014.

Location: Disney California Adventure

14 Dec 2014

Kenai and Ysengrin

Kenai and Ysengrin pose over a breakfast involving massive amounts of smoked salmon. Taken in late October, 2014.

Location: Storytellers Cafe, Disneyland

07 Dec 2014

Plantigrade husky feet

A little something DarkFang is working on for a client -- thin, skin-tight feet with pads, an exact fit for the client made on lifecasts of their feet. Strictly indoor use :)

Location: the workshop

30 Nov 2014

Ysengrin and Toothless

Ysengrin stopped by the Build-a-Bear store in Disney Downtown, just outside Disneyland, and adopted a Toothless plush for himself.

Location: the couch

23 Nov 2014

Werewolf core mold

This is the core mold for our new werewolf. Some design changes were made after this core was made, and I'll post what the retooled core mold looks like later. We're designing for a foam latex skin, though silicone is not out of the question in the future. The slab inside the nose area is for attachment to the underskull mechanisms -- this surface will be the inside of the face skin.

This werewolf is intended to be the new "standard" werewolf for our haunt and will just be used for the haunt. I'll do different sculpt later for general sale.

Location: the workshop

16 Nov 2014

DarkFang at Halloween

DarkFang, stalking about in front of the house and entertaining trick or treaters. Even with rain on Halloween night, we gave out most of our candy.

Location: the front yard

09 Nov 2014

Jawset and mold

Here's a new jawset, cast with dental acrylic, and the molds for it. The head they're made for is a tight fitting one, so the backs of the upper and lower jaw are removed to give the wearer a bit more room.

Location: the workshop

02 Nov 2014

DarkFang and Ysengrin at DisneyLand

DarkFang and Ysengrin pose on Main Street, Disneyland. We were part of a larger group; some members of the group wished to remain anonymous.

Location: Main Street, Disneyland

26 Oct 2014

Space Mountain

Just in time for Halloween, an on-ride photo of DarkFang and Maglot on the Space Mountain / Ghost Galaxy coaster. Copyright for this image remains with Disney; it is used here under license.

Location: Aboard Space Mountain, Disneyland

19 Oct 2014

DarkFang at Disneyland

Once in the park, DarkFang posed for photos without the mask. We did stay well away from younger children waiting in lines for candy, and didn't actively scare anyone. The mask went back on as we moved about from photo op to photo op.

Location: in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle, Disneyland

12 Oct 2014

But How ... ?

DarkFang was able to enter Disneyland as part of the ticketed Mickey's Halloween Party event. We had spoken with Guest Services about entry well before the event, and after making sure he met their basic criteria for adult costume entry their main concern was with DarkFang's exposed teeth possibly being too scary. So, the Phantom of the Opera accessory was quickly made to cover his snarl.

Final approval would have to be made at the security check before entry. A manager had to be called over to make the judgement - and DarkFang passed. On to the park!

Location: Downtown Disney, Anaheim, California

05 Oct 2014

Wait, What?

DarkFang and Ysengrin inside the elevator at the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland. That's a Phantom of the Opera style mask on DarkFang. Ysengrin is wearing a more "traditional" mask and hood. Graininess of the image is due to the low light conditions.

Location: Disneyland's Haunted Mansion

28 Sep 2014

3D Printed Jawset

Working with a 3D printed jawset, prepping it for molding.

Location: the workshop

21 Sep 2014

New Beast Paws

This is one of a set of the new li'l beast paws, in black.

Location: In back of the workshop

14 Sep 2014

Swamp Creature

Here are the paws with the glow-in-the-dark claws. They're intended for a swamp creature.

Location: In back of the workshop

07 Sep 2014

Glow-in-the-Dark Claws

Here's a set of dragon paws with glow-in-the-dark claws. The glow really does concentrate towards the tips. They glow is quite noticeable for a couple of hours in a dark room, like green foxfire. For this photo, they're under a black light.

Location: the workshop

31 Aug 2014

Dipped Wolf Feet

A client wanted a pair of black wolf feet, but wanted a more shiny latex-like appearance (rather than skin like). So, we dipped a set of big wolf feet, with claws installed, into thinned black latex to get this look.

Location: the workshop

24 Aug 2014

Stone Gargoyle Feet

A matching set of stone gargoyle feet, based on our dragon feet. These also have the embedded mica flakes, and have the dark wash to dirty them down.

Location: the workshop

17 Aug 2014

Stone Gargoyle Hands

A set of stone gargoyle hands, based on our dragon hands. Mica flakes are embedded in the latex to give it more of a stone look, like crystals in granite catching the light. A dark wash gives them the look of being outside in a dirty urban environment for a few seasons.

Location: the workshop

10 Aug 2014

Spotty Paws

A set of spotty paws for a client. The non-spotty base for these paws is not yet in the catalog, but will be when we re-open.

Location: the workshop

03 Aug 2014

Paws in progress

Small and large paws, side by side, with custom markings. Cleanup has just started on these paws. Their molds are behind them.

Location: the workshop

27 Jul 2014

Mount Shasta (north face)

The north face of Mount Shasta, taken from a roadside vista point off highway 97. That's Shastina, a satellite volcanic cone, off to the right. Three of the Mount Shasta Glaciers are visible. Between Shastina and the peak of Mount Shasta is Whitney Glacier, running from the peak to the right is Bolam Glacier, and from the peak to the left is Hotlum Glacier.

Camera location: 41° 37' 01"N, 122° 12' 06" W (~19 miles away)

20 Jul 2014

Mount Shasta (south face)

Mount Shasta is a major landmark in Northern California - it can be seen for hundreds of miles on a clear day, and it's tall enough for permanent snow on the upper slopes. It's also a dormant volcano, last erupting in 1786.

Klamath lore says this is the home of the sky god, and that Mount Mazama (now Crater Lake) to the north was the home of the Lord of the Underworld.

Camera location: 41° 08' 00"N, 122° 19' 18" W (~19.5 miles away)

13 Jul 2014

Crater Lake, Oregon

Crater lake is a deep, rain-filled caldera formed by the collapse of the volcano Mount Mazama after a massive eruption six to eight thousand years ago. The water it contains is some of the purest on Earth.

Human artifacts were found nearby, buried under the ash layer from the eruption. Crater lake is still a sacred Klamath site.

Location: 42° 54' 42" N, 122° 08' 34" W (elev. ~7,000 ft)

06 Jul 2014

Tourist Catcher, Weed, CA

As the title says, this faux totem pole is a "tourist catcher" in the parking lot of a grocery store in the small town of Weed, California. Although a lot of weed-related merchandise is sold here, the town is actually named after area pioneer Abner Weed and is fairly conservative. This town was also the location of a sign seen in a popular meme - the sign pointed in one direction to "College" and in the opposite direction to "Weed." That sign was long ago replaced with a less photogenic one as folks kept stealing it.

Location: 41° 25' 23" N, 122° 23' 16" W

29 Jun 2014

Maker Faire San Mateo 2014

Yeah, Maker Faire is like that.

The NVIDIA folks showed up with a few of their new Jetson TK1 dev kits - this one was combined with a SICK brand LIDAR by the nice folks at GE to make a real-time object tracking system that was able to identify individuals and follow them in the crowd milling around the NVIDIA booth.

Location: 37° 32' 52" N, 122° 18' 07"W

22 Jun 2014

Maker Faire San Mateo 2014

Yeah, Maker Faire is like that.

Persian Cat armour by Canadian artist Jeff de Boer.

Location: 37° 32' 52" N, 122° 18' 07"W

15 Jun 2014

Maker Faire San Mateo 2014

Yeah, Maker Faire is like that.

Hortense, the big Case 40 horsepower steam-powered traction engine owned and operated by Kinetic Steam Works.

Location: 37° 32' 52" N, 122° 18' 07"W

08 Jun 2014

More paws!

Another in-progress order of paws, this time in grey.

Location: the workshop

01 Jun 2014

Maker Faire San Mateo 2014

Yeah, Maker Faire is like that.

The largest of several Zomes at the Faire, designed, fabricated via CNC and built by Robert Bell.

Location: 37° 32' 52" N, 122° 18' 07"W

25 May 2014

Maker Faire San Mateo 2014

Yeah, Maker Faire is like that.

Gilly, a hand crafted sculpture by Orion Fredericks.

Location: 37° 32' 52" N, 122° 18' 07"W

18 May 2014

Maker Faire San Mateo 2014

Yeah, Maker Faire is like that.

El Pulpo Mecanico, a 25 foot tall octopus flame organ. It's the brainchild of Duane Flatmo and Jerry Kunkel, and first appeared at Burning Man a few years ago.

Location: 37° 32' 52" N, 122° 18' 07"W

11 May 2014


In-progress work in the workshop. Paws, paws, paws!

Location: the workshop

04 May 2014

Master Pull of New Paws

Still inside their molds, this is the "master" pull of the new paws, foam filled to hold their shape.

Location: the workshop

27 Apr 2014

DarkFang's Feet

DarkFang's latest feet. He likes them foam filled to fit his bare feet, but that makes them hard to get on and off.

Location: the workshop

20 Apr 2014

DarkFang Touch-Up

DarkFang's fursuit gets touched-up for an appearance. This suit is seventeen years old this month, and has seen a lot of use. He's gone through several pairs of hands and feet over the years, but that's still the original body and head, made by Lance Pope.

Location: the workshop

13 Apr 2014

Black Dragon Hands

A pair of black dragon hands for a client.

Location: the dining room table

06 Apr 2014

Immature Mantis

Last photo of the one mantis we kept from the hatchlings. Here the mantis is a little over two inches long. This is insar 4 or 5 - that is, after the fourth or fifth molt. Unfortunately the next molting went awry and the mantis did not survive.

Location: Basil's tank

30 Mar 2014

Molding the Paw (back)

Continued from last week. After the Ultracal has been laid on and allowed to dry, the clay is removed and the paw flipped over. More clay is used to make a dam around the wrist, and paste wax is carefully brushed over the mold seam and over part the the exterior. This is to keep the new Ultracal from binding to the existing Ultracal.

Location: the workshop

23 Mar 2014

Molding the Paw (front)

Molding the paw begins! A water-based clay dam is built around the back side of the paw, carefully molded to the paw where the seam of the mold will be. The surface of the clay is smoothed out and silicone keys placed.

Location: the workshop

16 Mar 2014

Casting Paw Sheets

One big black paw pad sheet is ready to be foam filled, while another has been foamed and is just waiting to be opened back up.

Location: the workshop

09 Mar 2014

Basil and Nymphs

Another mantis egg case hatched out - this time we've got a photo of Basil co-habitating with the nymphs. Note that many of the previous nymphs have escaped from Basil's tank and have been seen about the house. We assume that some of them are making it outside, and as it warms up Ysengrin will release a batch outside as well.

Location: Basil's Tank

02 Mar 2014

Casting Paws

Casting more dragon paws - feet this time. The first few layers are built up with molds open, so reinforcement can be added into the latex.

Location: the workshop

23 Feb 2014

Snowy Pennsylvania

Ysengrin was off in Pennsylvania for a ride safety seminar. It's part of being able to inspect our own haunted attractions. This photo was taken outside the seminar with Ysengrin's phone.

Location: Harrisburg, PA

16 Feb 2014

New Paw Sculpt

Beginning a new paw sculpt, roughing in the pads.

Location: the workshop

09 Feb 2014

Praying Mantis Nymph

We kept a praying mantis in Basil's enclosure last year, and she left several egg cases. Well, they've started hatching! Here's one of the nymphs, less than a quarter-inch long, feeding on a wingless fruit fly.

Location: Basil's tank

02 Feb 2014

Tan Dragon Hands

Here's a set of tan dragon hands, with white palms and claws.

Location: the gaming table

26 Jan 2014

Brown Paws for France

A pair of brown paws going to a customer who lives along the north coast of France.

Location: The Dining Room Table, again (pay no attention to the cozy)

19 Jan 2014

Dragon Hands, Natural Latex

One customer wanted just natural latex dragon hands; he said he wanted to paint them himself.

Location: The Dining Room Table

12 Jan 2014

Dragon Scales

A closer look at the textures on the dragon hands, brought out with a dark wash.

Location: the workshop

05 Jan 2014


A new goby for the new year! This one is far less shy than our old goby and perches on rocks out in the open.

Location: the aquarium