What Does a Werewolf Do
At a Furry Con?

Ysengrin Werewolf's Experiences
At ConFurence Nine
January 15-18, 1998 in Buena Park, California

Be warned that these pages are graphics-intensive, even though I'm using thumbnails which point to full-size pictures.

Last updated 15 Jan 2004 (now hosted by Running Wolf Productions)

Please note that these pages are more like home movies and less a discussion of what ConFurence is. Enjoy them, but keep in mind that they're heavily skewed in favor of fursuiting and fursuiters. There was quite a bit more going on, but I didn't get a chance to talk with the talented artists and authors like I did in past years. I didn't even get to check out the art show.

Beast and Silvermane

Silvermane poses with Disney's Beast - at least virtually. I'm a big Beast fan, and did pose with him (without my fursuit) for the high point of my Disneyland visits. I came early to CF9 and stayed late, going to Disneyland all day Thursday and Monday, with a brief four hour visit on Friday. A different pack of furs came along each time, and there were other large packs of wandering furs Thursday and Monday.

Thanks and hugs to Smash, Dragon, Brokken, Wildwolf, Lance Pope, Farthing W. Fox, Yippee Coyote, Big Bad Wolf, Torrle, Werewuf the Hunter, Lance Ikegawa, TopFox, Cataroo, Stanley D. Lion, Furlup, Loopy and all the other furs who helped make CF9 such a good time. (and special thanks to Cheetah and Smash for getting me out there in the first place!)

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