Welcome to Running Wolf Productions' on-line catalog. Look around, and keep in mind that everything is handmade and customizable to your needs.

While we enjoy producing that special mask, costume or display for an enthusiast, don't ever expect us to crank out hundreds of copies for retail sales. We specialize in creating the unusual and unique for our patrons.

Enjoy browsing our on-line catalog, and feel free to ask how we can bring your beast to life. We'll be updating the catalog as new items are created.

We also occasionally have premade items; please check our main page to see if there are any available.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will you make me a (insert name of your favorite character here) fursuit?

Most characters are copyrighted. If it's in a movie, magazine, comic, or online, you can bet that it is copyrighted. It is not legal to commercially reproduce fursuits for these characters without permission of the copyright holder. We cannot make a Falstaff, a Chewbacca, a Swat Kat, or any other such copyrighted character without the written permission of the copyright holder.