For us, paws are only second to the head in defining your fursuit's personality. Do you have smaller, delicate paws, like a domestic cat or wild fox? Are your paws massive and powerful, like a bear, lion or wolf? Can you manipulate things like a raccoon or just nudge them like a dog? Do you have long sharp claws, short blunt claws, or no claws at all?

We offer a range of forepaws (hands) and hindpaws (feet) for your use, and we're always making new sculptures. All our paws have the base color and the pad color incorporated into the latex so as they wear the base color remains (painted markings still eventually wear off). Claws are made from hard cast resin.

All our paws can be customized for your use as well. Colors are chosen at the time of your order, and if you have further customization in mind then please ask.

NOTE: We will be offering a discount on sets of handpaws and footpaws when ordered together. Details will be posted shortly.

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