About Running Wolf Productions

Ysengrin Blackpaw (Wolf Corlett)

A Texas native, Ysengrin has always had a deep interest in his animal nature. After a near death experience in 1974, he became increasingly aware of the spiritual facets of nature. Finding his experiences at odds with his Methodist upbringing, he sought explanations in other religious traditions. In 1978 he started expressing the animal spirits he saw using costume and movement, and examining the echoes of them he found in himself. Much to his surprise, he found the strongest echoes by far were of wolves; this is when he took the use-name of Ysengrin.

Around 1988, Ysengrin met up with a certain gray werewolf (Lance Pope in Vincent). Impressed with the quality of Lance's work, and the depth of his passion, Ysengrin spent the next several years polishing his artistic skills working on and in Lance's Haunted Verdun Manor.

Ysengrin partnered with DarkFang, another Verdun werewolf, and they started the framework for Running Wolf Productions in 2001. However, plans were put on hold while Ysengrin helped put Lance's affairs in order after his untimely death, delaying the actual opening of Running Wolf Productions until late 2003.

Ysengrin and DarkFang operated Running Wolf Productions in California until the end of 2015, when DarkFang left to pursue other interests. Ysengrin continued Running Wolf Productions, moving to Pennsylvania in 2016.

Ysengrin Blackpaw is now living in Pennsylvania, and is still following his heart and his artistic visions.