werewolf muzzle
Running Wolf Productions Suppliers of Quality and Custom Animalistic Attire


Feel your beast inside you, wanting to be free. While you are trapped in traffic, your inner spirit restlessly stirs, craving wild open spaces. Spend a day in your office cubicle, and your animal soul grumbles and paces the walls of your work-cage. We know those feelings well; we have them ourselves and can help you express them.

We specialize in costumes that help portray your animalistic side. It's our goal to provide physical reality to your concepts, and to make them durable and functional. Whatever your needs - parts and accessories to add to your existing costume, that special creature for a haunted house, or a fully customized fursuit - we are here to fill them.



Please regard our online catalog as a guide; everything therein can be customized per your desire (colors, markings, claws, and/or fur). If you don't see something you want, ask us. We are constantly adding items to the catalog as we do new sculptures (or are given permission to sell pulls from custom work). We have fore paws (hands) and hind paws (feet) listed now, and will have examples of both full-head masks and fursuit heads in the catalog shortly. Full body fursuits will always be available as a custom order, as will specialized paws and heads. More species will also be represented as time allows.

Otherkin, Therianthrope and Were-animal requests are welcomed.